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Celtic Travel Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Celtic Travel Program?

The Celtic Travel program provides the highest level at Celtic in player development. Our player-centered philosophy a model to develop high level players and outstanding people. We serve the Palatine community and surrounding areas by providing professional coaching to players U8-U19. 


Are We Ready for Travel Soccer?

Every family is different, but if you are looking to get your child involved in a fun game with high-level professional coaching with a long term plan to develop soccer players to be confident and creative people, then travel is the place to get started. 

What is the Commitment?

Travel soccer extends from August to June. Teams start their season in early August participating in a team camp. After team camp, all teams train twice a week (showcase teams train 3x per week) with a professional staff coach. We also provide an open training environment for all players. If your player wants to do soccer everyday, we will put together a program for them to do so.

Many of our players up until high school (and even then some still do) play more than one sport. We are flexible with our players to help them make-up training when they need. We also encourage our young players to play another sport because we believe it is healthy in developing a young person. 

When can my child start playing?

Typically, our players do start at the U8 level (players born in 2012) with Celtic Travel. However, we do have players starting at U7 in the travel program. We hold annual tryouts for players wishing to play travel soccer at Palatine. Please see the travel tryout page for more information. Our Jr. Celtic program starts at 5 years old which mirrors the travel program, but takes a less intense approach. Jr. Celtic is available to players born in 2013 and 2014 for the 2019 season. 


Advantages to Travel Soccer?

The most notable advantage is that we attract and employ top professional coaches to Palatine. All of our coaching staff is licensed by the US Soccer Federation, certified by Safe Sport, and also trained in concussion prevention and care. All coaches do a background check through our State Association. 

Another advantage is the tight-knit relationship between families and teams. The travel program families travel to tournaments together, organize team and club functions (tailgates, meals, parties and picnics) together.

How Much Travel is Involved?

All Celtic teams could travel to away games as near as ten minutes or as far as one hour from Palatine. These will depend on age group, level of the team, and division the team is placed in. Please note that half of the league game schedule will be played at home, either at Celtic Park, Gbur Park (previously Hamilton Park), or one of the other community parks with a soccer field. We play our winter league games at Canlan Sportsplex in Lake Barrington. 

Tournament travel will again depend on age group and level of team. Most of the events we participate in are local tournaments, but there is a chance to have overnight trips, if the event is considered appropriate for a specific group.

Early Start for Travel?

Beginning travel soccer at an early age, players will gain a head start in their technical (skills) development which is a vital building block in a player's development path. Players' progress will be slower when grasping tactical concepts as they get older without a correct and expansive skill development program. Celtic employs a development methodology through the entire club that is based on developing highly intelligent players who are excellent with the ball at their feet.

Travel League Play?

Our boys currently play in the Young Sportsmen Soccer League which predominately play games on Saturdays. Our girls play in the Illinois Womens’ Soccer League which predominately play games on Sundays. There are exceptions to the rule and some teams may play during the week or on either Saturday or Sunday. The travel divisions are based on ability and age, so the teams are as equally placed as possible. 

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have more questions, please reach out to: 

JJ Ruane