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Celtic SC Referee Information

Attention all Assistant Referees
All AR assignments for Celtic SC are performed by Palatine Celtic Assignor for the IWSL, YSSL, and NISL on behalf of the club.  House we cover Center and AR's from U8 to U14 boys and girls.   Travel AR's need to have their Grade 8 certification


First Step: Getting certified to become a referee

By Palatine Celtic Soccer Club 02/03/2020, 10:00am CST

US Soccer Grassroots NEW Referee Training information:

  1. Go to
  2. To create a profile, click on SIGN UP, complete form, and submit. 
  3. Under License Pathway click on Grassroots – First Time Referees, then click on Go to Course List on the right and follow the registration and payment. Local classes include: TBD.
  4. Click on COURSE DETAILS to register.
  5. Once registered, click on “COURSES” at top, then ‘MY COURSES”, then “GO TO CLASSROOM” and click on the “ASSIGNMENTS” tab to complete online requirements 1 week before the class. 


2022 Referee Registration Additional Resources ISRC has published some new YouTube videos describing the registration process. If you are still having trouble with registration, we hope they can guide you through the process.  Thank you for your patience as we all work through the 2022 registration.  Please do not delay!  Some leagues are starting next week, and we do not want you to miss any games.

Individual video links are:
      Step 1 - Profile
       Step 2 – Background Screening
       Step 3 – Recertifying Refs: Chicagoland & N. Illinois
       Step 3A – Recertifying Downstate Refs

Reminder for Recertifying Grassroots Referees in Chicagoland and Northern Illinois, this is your Learning Center Course:

Written instructions can he found here and here.
We look forward to seeing you for the 2021 season!

Steps to become an employee Celtic referee: 

** Under 16 you will need to have a work permit.  ** Email me for the letter of intent.  Email:

Interested in being a Referee

If you wish to work as an AR for Celtic SC House league or travel games, you need to send an email to Carsten Gruettner at  Please provide the following:

  • Email address, (one that you will check once in a while or  your parents email address) This will be your login ID to the Arbiter system.  Same email address can not be shared between referees.
  • Home address with zip code, Arbiter used this to make sure you are within range of the games.
  • Cell phone or contact number to reach on short notice for sudden game changes.
  • Up to what age level you have experience sidelining. If none, this is ok, you will still see the U10/U11 games.
  • Eligibility:  In order to certify as a First Time Grassroots Referee, you must meet the following age of 14 years or older.
  • Under 16 you will need a Work permit from your school.
  • Click HERE for the Letter on Intent. 
  • Click HERE for the Procedure. 

More information on the

Referee Resource Page

You will receive a welcome email from arbiter with directions to log in. You should then log in, and move around in the system to get used to the user interface. They have tutorials that you can click and watch as needed.

After you are in Arbiter, what will happen is, you will get a ranking.  Each game is given a ranking range. When your rank fits within that game’s ranking range, you will be able to see it on a list of available games to “Self Assign”. The self assign lets you pick games that best fit your schedule.  When the Celtic SC games are first posted, he will send out an email to all of you, and you will have about 3 days to pick first from the available assignments. There are 80+ other youth referees in Barrington, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Arlington Heights that after 3 days they will then also be able to see the remaining assignments.   You in turn, will ALSO be able to see the open AR assignments in Barrington, Schaumburg and Arlington Heights if you choose to travel.

Arbiter automatically sends out assignment reminders 3 days before your assignments, and you can always log in, and see your schedule of all games assigned. If you need to “turn back” an assignment you need to email me at, and I can put it back on to the self assign list for others to pick up. Of course, the sooner you are able to turn back a game, the better, so there is time for others to see and self assign.  You will get emails periodically from him, when there are open games that need coverage.

Laws of the Game APP

Explore the Laws of football

This year, the official app from The IFAB is even better! Your feedback has inspired us to roll out new features that make knowing the Laws of the Game much easier. Keep up to date with the latest edition; it is worth it!


Latest changes to to Laws of the game:



Safety & Weather/Lightning


The team's coaches/officials are responsible for their own safety and that of their players. They shall ensure that all persons associated with their team immediately leave the field and go to a place of safety inside a car or building when lightning is seen (visible from the field no matter how far away it appears) and/or when a lightning detection device indicates lightning is in the area. They shall then wait there until no lightning has been seen for thirty (30) minutes or the lightning detection device indicates danger from lightning has passed. Team's coaches/officials shall assure that all present adhere to this rule.