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Palatine Celtic Cup Soccer Tournament


We are scheduling semis and finals now.  Please don't be alarmed that we have finals scheduled very late.  They will be moved back to earlier in the day soon.


If your semi finals are not scheduled as of 4 PM on Sunday, they will be played on Monday..  You will recieve updates tonight.  Expect to play semi finals in the AM between 7 am and 10 AM start times.  Finals will then most likely be played in the early afternoon.  We hope to have the entire schedule updated by 10 PM.  


We have removed the semi-finals from the schedule so that we can- reschedule the games we lost yesterday and Friday.  We will be determining if and when the semi-finals will be played as soon as possible.  Please be patient.

Currrent plan for

1:34 PM We are starting to reschedule the games that were postponed from last night and this morning.  You will have at least 4 hours notice jwhen we reschedule your game.  It could be anytime from now until tomorrow evening.  We will notify your teams through the GotSoccer messaging system.


11:04 AM  Any game that started inthe 9:00 hour on Saturday and did not make it to half time, we are going to try to reschedule.  Any game that was due to start in the 10:00 hour we will play one half of the game so that we can try to get back on schedule.  We are currently 12 minutes from getting a reset on the lightning detector.

Schedule Update

We are in the process of rescheduling the games that were not played on Friday night.  The schedule you see online is still a work in progress.  We will update this page with more info as early as possible in the morning.

--Current Schedule --- Click HERE

Schedules are always fluid. It is your responsibility to check the schedule and see if your games have changed. If the schedule changes after Wednesday, we will notify the teams involved.

Application for 2013 Celtic Cup

August 30-September 2 Local teams will play on Friday. Monday is reserved for Semi-Finals and Finals.

Laurie White

Director, Palatine Celtic Cup

Phone: 847-705-8814

Palatine Celtic Cup

8/30 through 9/2, 2013
Palatine, Illinois
Join up to 450 teams for the 33rd year of the Palatine Celtic Cup, the oldest continuously running tournament in the Midwest.
All teams will play a minimum of 3 games.   Multiple divisions in each age group. 
 U10- U19 divisions will play finals
 U8 and U9 teams will not play finals, but will receive participation awards
Any questions, please email palatinecelticcup@comcast.net or phone us at 847-705-8814.
U8-U9   $550
U10-U12  $600
U12  (11v11 format) $650
U13-U14  $650
U15-U19  $700
No additional fees for teams.  No parking fees!
Easy registration process through GotSoccer.
Games run on time. 
Field marshalls on each field. 
Great competition. 
Multiple competitive levels in all age groups.
Scores availble by text for any and all games.
Excellent fields, many with lights.

Countdown to the 2013 Celtic Cup!


Celtic VolunteerHub

Registration only begins on Thursday, 8/16.  Please register yourself by clicking the link below:


All instructions are attached.
Thanks again for all your help.

VolunteerHub for Celtic Cup Volunteers

Contact Information

Palatine Celtic Cup
538 Rob Roy Court
Palatine, Illinois 60067
Phone: 847-705-8814
Fax:  847-202-6123
Email: palatinecelticcup@comcast.net

Palatine Celtic Cup Facebook Page

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Important Dates

08/30/13 Match play begins
09/02/2013 Match play ends

Celtic Cup Calendar

Thu 4/24 Fri 4/25 Sat 4/26 Sun 4/27 Mon 4/28

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