Fall 2017 Kinsella Cup News

Fall 2017 Kinsella Cup will take place on Tuesday September 19th at Palatine High School. The JV will start at 4:45 PM and the Varsity will start at 6:30 PM. Palatine HS will take on cross town rival Fremd HS. The Pirates took the Kinsella Cup in the spring in a narrow defeat of Fremd 1-0. 

All training will be canceled for all travel teams that evening. All Celtic SC players are encouraged to attend the storied rivalry and watch the two sides battle it out for the Kinsella Cup. 

Kinsella Cup: A Celtic Tradition

The Palatine Celtic Soccer Club presents the Jimmy Kinsella High School Cup each year to the winner of the boys and girls Palatine vs. William Fremd Varsity high school soccer matches. The Kinsella Cup is proudly displayed at the victorious high school until the next cross-town match.

The majority of players for each of these high schools have at one time or another played either Recreational and/or Travel soccer under the Celtic banner. Both William Fremd and Palatine have had State High School Champion soccer teams, and numerous players that have continued their soccer careers in NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA college programs.

The Kinsella Cup is dedicated to Jimmy Kinsella, who, along with Bill Hughes, founded the Palatine Celtic Soccer Club in 1968.  Hughes and Kinsella, a transplanted Scotsman, were the first to find a few kids and organize them into teams to play the game of soccer in Palatine.  Jimmy named the Club after his home club, Glasgow Celtic.  Even though Jimmy is not around to watch the Kinsella Cup games anymore, his memory and all of his efforts continue to live on through our Club and the players who have played with us.

Kinsella Cup Winners

Year Boys Winner Score Girls Winner Score
2017     Palatine 1-0
2016 Fremd 2-1 Draw (PHS) 2-2
2015 Palatine 1-0 Palatine 2-1
2014 Fremd 3-2 (OT) Palatine 2-0
2013 Draw (PHS) 0-0 Fremd 2-1 (OT)
2012 Palatine 3-1 Palatine 1-0
2011 Fremd 2-0 Fremd 2-0
2010 Fremd 2-1 Fremd 3-0
2009 Palatine 2-0 Fremd 2-1
2008 Palatine 3-1 Fremd 2-0
2007 Palatine 1-0 Fremd 1-0
2006 Fremd 3-2 (OT) Fremd 4-0
2005 Palatine 3-2 Fremd  
2004 Palatine 1-0 Fremd 3-1
2003 Fremd 2-0 Fremd 2-1
2002 Draw (Fremd) 1-1 Fremd 3-1
2001 Fremd 4-0 Fremd 3-1
2000 Fremd 3-2 Fremd 1-0
1999 Draw (Fremd) 0-0 Fremd 4-3
1998 Draw (Fremd) 0-0 Palatine 3-1
1997 Fremd 2-1 Fremd 1-0
1996 Fremd 2-1 Palatine 1-0
1995 Fremd 1-0 Palatine 1-0