Celtic Cup 2018 Champions & Finalists

Our Champions & Finalists are posted below. Please have a representative of your club or team reach out to celticcup@palatinecelticsc.com to receive your trophies. If you have questions on we determined the Champion & FInalist for each division and bracket, please contact our Tournament Director.  Thank you to all the clubs and teams who participated. We were super bummed that we could not get our finals in on Monday due to the weather. We hope to see many of you back for Celtic Cup 2019. 

U9 Tekela  Strikers Fox Valley  Pegasus Select Red 
U9 Visaro  NSA Red  Lombard Fire Birds 
U10 Tekela  Valladolid  ELA Red 
U10 Visaro  Spartan FC Green  ELA Blue 
U10 Furon Green Goleadores  Eclipse NWI Black 
U10 Furon Grey Crestwood  Spartan FC White
U11 Tekela  Eclipse West Black  North Central United
U11 Visaro  Chicago Edge  Michigan Burn
U11 Furon  Chicago Inferno  CSA Hellas Verona 
U12 Tekela  Eclipse West White  North Central United
U12 Visaro Green  Shadow Premier  Michigan Burn Black 
U12 Visaro Grey  Strikers Fox Valley  GLSA Premier 
U12 Furon Green  Northshore FC Black  Chicago Inferno 
U12 Furon Grey  Strikers Fox Valley  Chicago Edge 
U13 Tekela  Eclipse West Black  Eclipse West White 
U13 Visaro  Chicago Edge  North Central United
U13 Furon  Chicago Inferno  Pegasus Premier Red 
U14 Tekela  Mundlein SC Eclipse ECNL Black 
U14 Visaro  Eclipse ECNL White  Chicago Inferno 
U14 Furon  Strikers Fox Valley  Chicago Inferno 
U15 Tekela  Addison United  Mundlein SC
U15 Visaro Green  Eclipse West White  Strikers Fox Valley 
U15 Furon Goodrich Blue  ELA SC Pool 2
U9 Visaro  ELA Red Chicago Rush North 
U10 Tekela  Eclipse East Black  Strikers Fox Valley
U10 Visaro  ELA Red Elite SC
U10 Furon  Palatine Celtic SC FCX Black 
U11 Tekela  Spartan FC North Central United 
U11 Visaro  Chicago Rush  Palatine SC Black 
U11 Furon  Strikers Fox Valley  Glenview 
U12 Tekela  CSA Napoli  ELA Red
U12 Visaro Green  Anthony Wayne Untied  CSA Lazio 
U12 Visaro Grey  Chicago Rush  Elite SC Black 
U12 Furon  FCX Black  Synergy 
U13 Tekela  FCX Black  Liverpool 
U13 Visaro  Palatine Celtic Showcase  ELA Elite 1
U13 Furon  Pegasus Premier Red  425 Elite 
U14 Tekela  Eclipse Lunar  Liverpool 
U14 Visaro - Green  Michigan Burn  CSA Monaco 
U14 Visaro - Grey FC-1 Academy  Pegasus Premier Red 
U14 Furon  FC-1 Academy  Michigan Rush 
U15 Tekela  North Central United  Eclipse Lunar 
U15 Visaro  Elite SC Black  ELA Elite 
U15 Furon FC-1 Academy Elite

CSA Sampdoria

U16 Tekela SC Eclipse Lunar  Eclipse Solar 
U16 Visaro  FCX Black 2  Elite SC NPL 
U16 Furon Chicago Edge  Genesee Celtic 
U17 Tekela SC Eclipse Solar  Eclipse Lunar 
U17 Visaro  FC-1 Academy  Eclipse Black 02
U17 Furon  Valladolid Palatine Celtic SC
U19 Tekela SC Eclipse Lunar  FCX Black 
U19 Visaro - Green  FC Lake County  Elite SC NPL
U19 Visaro - Grey LG Celtics  CSA Vitoria 
U19 Furon Genesee Celtic Black  Rapids FC Green 


Celtic Cup 2018 Check-In Procedures

Player Pass Check-In will be held at the Holiday Inn Express from 4:30-9 PM on Friday, August 31st.

Holiday Inn Express is located at 1550 East Dundee Rd. Palatine, IL 60074.

In our original email, it said to only bring your players passes to check-in. Since many of you have not uploaded your tournament roster yet, please provide your tournament roster and player passes at check-in. 

In the event that you cannot check-in on Friday, you may check in on Saturday an hour before your game at either the Celtic Park HQ tent or Hamilton Park HQ tent. All teams must check-in before your first game. If you have any questions, please contact celticcup@palatinecelticsc.com

2018 Celtic Cup Schedules

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Celtic Cup Fields

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Celtic Cup 2018 Rules

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Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If no games are played, teams will receive a 75% refund. 
  • If one game is played, teams will receive a 25% refund.
  • If two games are played, no refunds will be issued.