Celtic SC Frequently Asked Questions

Celtic SC Travel FAQs

What is the Travel Program?
The Travel Program is dedicated to training and developing Palatine and surrounding area residents, as both soccer players and as young adults.

How many travel teams are there in Celtic and at what age can we start playing?
The club is represented by 33 competitive teams, plus a U8 Academy for both boys and girls and a Junior Celtic Program for U6 & U7 players for the 2016-2017 year. We offer teams for both boys and girls who want to play travel soccer from U8 to U19 & our U23 summer program.
Our U6 and U7 players and some U8 players participate in our Junior Celtics Program (for more information check out the Junior Celtics section of the programs page). For ages U8 through U19, players participate in the Celtic travel program.
The club offers house league opportunities for U6 to U19, if a new player does make a travel team.

Why start the Junior Celtics / Travel Soccer so early?
By beginning travel soccer at an early age, players will gain a head start in their skill development which is a vital building block in a player's development path. Players will NOT be able to progress to more advanced techniques and tactics as they get older without a correct and expansive skill development program. The travel program follows a very specific club player centered plan from the U6 level, a club wide team developmental plan, and experienced professional coaching in competitive, challenging, yet fun environment.

How do I know if my son or daughter is ready for the Travel Soccer?
If you are looking to get your son or daughter involved in a fun game with experienced coaching with a long term to develop soccer players to be confident and creative people, then Celtic SC is the place to get started. Our programs start in the Little Celtic Academy program, contact JJ Ruane for more information.

What are the advantages of playing Travel Soccer?
The most notable advantage is that we attract and employ top coaches in the area. Our coaches are licensed by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) or the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA). We also offer specialized goalkeeper coaching as well as extra individual technical training nights at no extra cost to the families. All of our coaches are paid, evaluated regularly, share feedback and ideas with each other and participate in our continual education program. Members of our coaching staff have a wealth of experience and accomplishments both coaching and playing that include:

USSF National “A, B, C and D” Licenses
NSCAA Premier, Advanced National and National Diplomas
College coaching experience
Professional, Semi-Professional and College playing experience
Illinois Youth Soccer Association Coaching Education instructors
Illinois Olympic Development Program Staff

Another advantage is the tight-knit relationship between families and teams. The travel program families travel to tournaments together, organize team and club functions (tailgates, hayrides, meals, parties and picnics) together.

What leagues do Travel Teams play in?
Our boys currently play in the Young Sportsmen Soccer League which predominately play games on Saturdays. Our girls play in the Illinois Womens’ Soccer League which predominately play games on Sundays. There are exceptions to the rule and some teams may play during the week or on either Saturday or Sunday. The U14 Boys and above boys currently play their league play in Northern Illinois Soccer League.

How much of a time commitment should we expect to make?
Travel soccer extends from August to June. Teams start their season in early August participating in a team camp. After team camp, all teams train twice a week (showcase teams train 3x per week) with a professional staff coach. We also provide an open training environment for all players. If your player wants to do soccer everyday, we will put together a program for him to do so.

Depending on the age group, teams will participate in two to three tournaments throughout the year. Often, several teams from the club will travel together to a tournament together. The focus when selecting tournaments is to make sure that the appropriate for the age level and skill level of the teams attending. Our U11-U19 teams may travel to tournaments which will require an overnight stay in some cases. Out of town tournaments are decided upon based on skill level, age, and competitive level for each team. If you have questions regarding tournament selection, please contact JJ Ruane.

Please note that Junior Celtics and U8 Academy program's time commitment is less than the travel program and do not participate in tournaments like the rest of the travel teams.

How much travel is involved?
Both the YSSL, IWSL and NISL could travel to away games as near as ten minutes or as far as one hour from Palatine. These will depend on age group, level of the team, and division the team is placed in. Please note that half of the league game schedule will be played at home, either at Celtic Park, Gbur Park (previously Hamilton Park), or one of the other community parks with a soccer field.

Tournament travel will again depend on age group and level of team. Most of the events we participate in are local tournaments, but there is a chance to have overnight trips, if the event is considered appropriate for a specific group.

Celtic SC Refund Policy

Refunds are only granted to families if a player can no longer play due to injury / illness (doctors note required).

Also if the family is relocating, thus not allowing the child to participate...