2017 Fall House Tournament Results

U10 Girls Results
21-Oct 23-Oct 10/25 and 10/26 10/27 and 10/29
The Fire Breathing Kittens   Wildcats   Celtic Ladies   Offshoots   Wonder Women   Crazy Cleats   Semi Final   Semi Final  
Celtic Ladies   Wonder Women   Wildcats   The Mighty Bunnies   The Mighty Bunnies   The Fire Breathing Kittens   Semi Final   Semi Final  
Crazy Cleats   Offshoots                   FINAL   FINAL  


U10 Boys Results
22-Oct 23-Oct 25-Oct Semi Finals
Earthquakes   Revolution   Crew   Timbers   Union   Timbers   A1   D1  
Timbers   Red Bulls   Union   Red Bulls   Revolution   Impact   B1   C1  
DC United   Impact   24-Oct Red Bulls   Crew   Finals
Crew   Union   Orlando FC   Whitecaps   26-Oct A or D   B or C  
Rapids   Dynamo   Dynamo   Sounders   Dynamo   Orlando FC          
Whitecaps   Galaxy   Galaxy   Rapids   Revolution   DC United          
Sounders   Orlando FC   DC United   Earthquakes   Impact   Earthquakes          
                Sounders   Galaxy          
                Rapids   Whitecaps          


U12 Girls Results
21-Oct 24-Oct 28-Oct Finals
Hawkeyes   Badgers   Hawkeyes   Wildcats   Buckeyes   Hawkeyes          
Aztecs   Buckeyes   Badgers   Aztecs   Badgers   Wildcats          
Fighting Irish   Wildcats   Buckeyes   Fighting Irish   Fighting Irish   Aztecs          


U12 Boys Results
22-Oct 23-Oct 26-Oct Semi Finals
Seattle Sounders   DC United   LA Galaxy   Chicago Fire   NY Red Bulls   DC United   A1   B2  
Portland Timbers   Chicago Fire   Houston Dynamo   Portland Timbers   LA Galaxy   Portland Timbers   B1   A2  
Columbus Crew   NY Red Bulls   Columbus Crew   Seattle Sounders   Houston Dynamo   Chicago Fire   Finals
Houston Dynamo   LA Galaxy   25-Oct   A1 or B2   B1 or A2  
        NY Red Bulls   Seattle Sounders                  
        DC United   Columbus Crew                  


U14 Boys Results
22-Oct 23-Oct 26-Oct Finals
Real Madrid   Barcelona   Levante   Real Madrid   Levante   Barcelona          
Arsenal   Levante   Barcelona   Arsenal   Arsenal   Real Madrid